Radio Frequency Power Up to 150W
Infrared LEDs Up to 3.3W
Light Spectrum 850nm
Vacuum Pulsed
VContour Applicator:
Small Cover
Medium Cover
Large Cover
VSmooth Applicator 40X40mm
Weight 20kg / 44lbs
Dimensions [W x D x H] 38 x 49 x 132cm
15 x 19 x 52in
Electrical Requirements 110VAC; 5A; 50Hz; single phase
230VAC; 2.5A; 50Hz; single phase
vela system spec

• Profitable business driver - high patient demand for cellulite & body contouring treatments

• Add more patients to your practice with short treatment sessions

• Excellent results in just 1-3 sessions Enhanced user experience with new Guided Mode software

What can you treat with VelaShape III?

• Body Contouring

• Cellulite

• Circumference Reduction

• Skin Tightening

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